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Key Chains around the Globe

Key chains aren’t new to us, so as to me. And I am starting to appreciate it more when someone give me a Baguio key chain. From there I came with an idea, “why not collect key chains?”.

So these are my key chain collections and I’m planning to collect more both local and international signature key chains.

Baguio City, Kubo and Strawberry
Baguio City, Kubo and Strawberry

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Life – a sunrise and a sunset.

Life – like sunrise and sunset. Of ups and downs. Of Positive and Negative. Of beginning and end.


Birth like sunrise, a fresh new start. The cry of a baby, sweet and full of hope. The smile of the parents ear to ear, full of joy.

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This cute little puppy, we call her Sophia.

Having a pet is part of our daily lives in most of us. From a very common domesticated animals like dogs, cats, birds to even more exotic, quite dangerous like snakes, crocodiles, among others.

One of our pets is this cute little puppy. We named her Sophia. When our previous dog died (its name is Gwen) we look for another one and luckily our neighbor give her to us. At first, she was unease with environment but later on she managed to get along with us.

sophie 1
Oh dear Sophia, don’t be shy, it’s just a camera. 🙂

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A glass of thoughts.

Sometimes we feel that life gets so boring, life needs an inspiration. Simple words like “Thank you”, “Keep moving forward”, “Never give up” to name a few reminds us that life is full of hope, full of possibilities, reasons to live.

That’s why I came up with this very simple thing. A glass of thoughts.

My glass of thoughts

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Hello World!

This is the most common phrase( or should I say, common words 🙂 )every programming languages use as an example to run your first code. If you did the code well, it’s a success.

Now, I will use it too, to mark my first post as a blogger(I hope I can make it to the end). I am not really fond of writing articles, or making a blog, or thinking of another ideas to make your post updated but I was so inspired by a friend who really love this thing. Now at least I’ve got a chance to improve my skill with this thing(I hope I’ve got one, hahaha!).

This is a success, I would say. But, this is just a beginning. Ups and downs is inevitable but I will try to be patient, keeping it simple.

I leave you with this quote for you to get inspired too.

“A thousand journey begins with a single step.”

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